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About Plant Based Living

Updated: Apr 16

Hi, my name is Tamara Berry and I’m the founder and President of Plant Based Living, a nonprofit 501c3 organization. The mission of Plant Based Living is simple and straightforward: to show people how to use Walmart as a health food store. And to help debunk the myth that optimal health is only for the wealthy among us. [If you’re wondering, ‘why Walmart, though?’, please see my article Why Walmart, Though?]

That’s why I developed the Plant Based Food Plan - Powered by Walmart. It’s designed for people who want the health benefits of the plant based diet but think they can’t afford it- and it’s especially for those who manage the bills for their family and who are also in charge of their family’s nutrition.

Thanks to Walmart’s “Everyday Low Prices” on quality food ingredients, I was able to design a delicious, nutritious, plant-based food plan that’s also very cost-effective. In fact, it’s truly EBT-friendly: a family of four on government food assistance can afford the full 28-day plan if they’re able to get their groceries at a Walmart. For busy parents who may be struggling to make ends meet, that’s a major gamechanger.

And just so there’s no confusion, I’m not a paid influencer for Walmart. I‘m doing this project because I want to help eliminate barriers (real and imagined) for people like me who want to provide optimal nutrition for themselves and their families.

Like most moms in America, I’m not just in charge of the meals for my family, I also manage our bills. And like most families in America, we’ve seen some lean times over the years. But I’ve never compromised on taste or nutrition because I learned how to shop smart and be creative with meal planning. As a busy working mom, I’ve also had to learn how to keep things simple and efficient. I’ve tried to integrate all those aspects into this Food Plan – taste, nutrition, affordability and efficiency.

So, if you’re the busy parent in charge of feeding your family – or if you just want to improve your own nutrition – and especially if you’re on a tight budget – I invite you to try my Food Plan. And please let me know how it goes. You can email me with your comments or questions at I’d love to hear from you.

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