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Thanks for your interest in Volunteering!

Please use the quick form below to tell us a bit more about yourself and we'll get back ASAP!

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Why try our Plant Based Food Plan? There are a lot of great food plans out there, so you may be wondering what is so different about ours? Besides being free, convenient, easy to follow, and nutritious, it's already been "tested and approved" by our families, so we know other families will love it too!

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Why Walmart? Because Walmart stores are found in nearly every town, communities in even the most remote areas can find quality healthy, affordable, products. Not only do we teach folks how to use Walmart as their health food store, but also how to prepare nutritious, budget-friendly meals that their families will love!

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Wanna do a tabling event in your city? We'll provide everything-- a beautiful marketing kit, the raffle items, and all the support you need to help make it a successful event and a great experience for all!

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